Free Three Card Poker: the Rules & the Best Platform to Play

Free three card poker: for those who do not want to explore the rules for a long time!

The peculiarity of free three card poker is that it combines two games, different by definition of a win and a betting system. It is a kind of poker Twix: Two in One, giving the players not only the opportunity to play two games at the same time, but also enjoy it. In one game, the gamers compete with the dealer, in the second – with luck.

Free Three Card Poker: the Main Rules

Free 3 card poker is a card game whose goal is to collect the highest possible poker hand, higher than that of a casino dealer. The game involves a deck of 52 cards from deuce to ace in each of the four suits. The oldest card in the suit is an ace, and the youngest is a deuce. Before each distribution, the deck is shuffled. The main features are:

  • Free three card poker involves one player playing against the dealer;
  • On the gaming table, three gaming areas (boxes) are marked. Each box contains three fields for bets. One of them is called ANTE (the initial bet), the other – BET, the third P + PAIR-PLUS – the player makes a bet with the dealer that he will receive a meaningful combination (PAIR and higher);
  • Before each distribution, the player makes an initial bet – puts one or more game chips on the ANTE field. To do this, click on the corresponding chip and on the box on which it must be placed;
  • A bet on ANTE must be no less than the minimum bet set for this table and no more than the maximum bet – 100,000 game points. After that, the player clicks on the “Deal” button;
  • During the deal, the dealer deals three cards to the player and himself. The cards are dealt one by one and are placed face down on the table.

The preponderance here resembles Texas Hold’em odds. The players evaluate their cards and determine the value of the resulting deal. Sooner or later, they will have to compare their alignment with the dealer. Whose cards are older, will be the winner.

Best Platforms 2020 to Play Three Card Poker

To play free three card poker, gamers should choose the best platform. In 2020 the leaders are:

  • UnibetPoker has been operating in the online gaming industry for 16 years and has gained the trust of more than 7 million users. The UnibetPoker room has good traffic for players from Europe, and, at low and medium limits, tables are assembled quite quickly. The main currency of the room is the euro (€), so playing poker at standard limits has a slightly higher cost. The room has many tournaments with guaranteed prizes, video poker free tournaments are focused on a small number of players, and can be very convenient for regular players;
  • BestPoker is a European room included in the Asian network GGNetwork. Regulators go to this network, not for rake-back, but profit in a weak field. All new players receive a welcome bonus of 100% up to $ 2,000, which is valid for three months. Fought off in parts: $ 1 for $ 10 rake. GGNetwork has a special principle of collecting the loser “The loser takes everything.” The distribution winners pay the rake on a par with the loser, but they are credited only to the account of the unfortunate opponent;
  • PokerStars is the poker industry leader. The largest selection of games, large prize, and regular promotions. The best place for beginners and lovers of poker with 3 card free. The room offers various deposit bonuses. Often players receive offers of reloads and bonuses dedicated to seasonal promotions. If they enter bonus codes, sometimes called Star Code, they can get a little extra value from playing on the Stars.

The popularity of the poker room says a lot about it and, first of all, makes it clear whether other users choose it as a permanent place to play free online poker games or bypass it.

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